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hello! [07 Jan 2009|11:32am]

hi! my name is Caitlin and I'm here because I want to lose about 15 pounds or so. I am 5'5" and I currently weigh 116 pounds.

my weight history looks like this:

my goal weight is 100 pounds, but it would be awesome to get back to 90 pounds.

I am a vegetarian and usually struggle with getting motivated to exercise...

that's pretty much me.
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[07 Dec 2007|04:16pm]

Hey, this is my first post to the comm...
I hope this is OK to be posting but I need your help...

OK, well my tummy allways grumbles/rumbles!! It may sound stupid but Its really horrible!!
Im 15 so still in school, my belly will rumble in 1st period!!
I have to sneak a biscuit or something in my pencil case and eat in every lesson!!
I have two slices of toast for breakfast (usually at about 7:45) and my belly is rumbling by 9:30 or something =[ Im usually not even hungry!
Its so embarrassing!

So Id really, really apreciate any help, because I have my mock GCSEs next week! This means 2 and a half hours sitting in a big silent hall where I cant eat anything!

Please help me! Its bothered me for over 2 years and now Im getting towards these really important exams I cant afford to be so destracted and paranoid...

Thanks for any help =]
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Entry Number One [05 Dec 2007|06:03pm]

Hello All. My name is Elizabeth and I will most likely be doing most of the blogging on our journal. My fiancee and I have decided to change our lives beginning Janurary 2008. We have both struggled with our weight most of our adult life, and want to take control back.

Follow Cut For Entire Entry.

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[25 May 2006|02:57pm]

Hey guys. Just found this site called www.healthsiteguide.com It's pretty cool..basically it's a free portal that lets you search for whatever health condition you want. it saves you a lot of time because you don't have to sift through hundreds of websites just to find out info on a headache. it's got forums and blogs also...check it out let me know what u think of it.

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[18 May 2006|08:18am]

There is new support community for those of you interested in losing weight and/or gaining a healthier lifestyle. Think of it as a mini me Weight Watchers minus the fees. f_a_t_ladies
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[02 Feb 2006|07:48pm]
I have ten minutes.

My mom's big birthday dinner is tonight. I'm sick as a dog.

And if I go to this resturant there's a good chance I'll have a panic attack, and since I'm already exhausted that would suck, because I'd probably have to make us all leave early...or start complaining.

Should I go? Should I stay home?

I'd feel terrible if I missed it. But I'd feel terrible if I go and ruin it all.

What do I do?

Please help quick!
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[27 Dec 2005|08:38pm]
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A Com for Teens with ANXIETY.
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[08 Nov 2005|06:18pm]

I typed this in to a search engine but didn't come up with any results. I know this is probably a stupid question but I'm just curious. I think that I have really thin blood. I get cold easy, bleed a lot when cut, I've given plasma twice and finish 15 minutes sooner than the minimum time and when I hold my arm above my head my blood rushes from my fingers really fast. Like I said this may be a stupid question but I also think theirs a possibility that I'm hypoglycemic. I get really lightheaded with I drink wine, not drunk just lightheaded and then I start to shake. I guess I'm just trying to figure out what's up and if this is a bad thing. The only thing I can find on the internet about thin blood is in relation to alcohol.
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[27 Aug 2005|11:21am]

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Health Question [15 Aug 2005|09:14pm]

My wife has recently become ill. She is nauseated and has a fever and headaches. She has been sick for about a week. We are trying to figure out the cause of these symptoms and would like some input as to what it may be.

Recently, she has done some oil painting, and used Winsor & Newton's Sansodor (low odor solvent for oil color) to clean her paintbrushes. Does anyone know anything about this and whether or not it is linked to such symptoms?

We are throwing around a bunch of options, including salmonella, influenza, chemical-related sickness (i.e. Sansodor), etc., but it doesn't seem serious enough to see a doctor. She isn't throwing up, just nauseated.

Thank you.
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New [16 Feb 2005|04:35pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm new. I started college in the fall and have so far gained a wonderful "Freshman 10". Ironic thing is, I gained most of it at home during winter break. Haha. So I don't want to gain those extra 5 pounds and I've decided once and for all I will lose this weight! I've been chubby since elementary and I've now been overweight for about 2 years now. Here are my stats:

age: 18
heigt: 5'3
HW: 155
CW: 152
STG: 145
LTG: 110

I've been doing good so far but the thing I have problems with is consistency in my workouts. I get bored on machines so easily even with my iPod. It would help if I had a work out buddy...oh well. If anyone has similiar stats as me or wants to keep each other accountable I would love to add you!

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1st post [12 Feb 2005|03:30pm]

I just started this journal as a way to keep track of my fitness and weightloss goals and progress. I would LOVE having a bunch of friends with similar journals to help keep each other motivated and all that, so if you're interested let me know and add me:)

age: 19
height: 5'3
current weight:121 lbs
goal weight: 115 lbs
lowest weight: 111 lbs
highest weight: 124 lbs

I don't want to lose a huge amount of weight, but I want to look a lot better - like more muscle tone and definition, especially in my stomach and (inner) thighs. And it'd be cool to have toned arms too, lol

So if any of you have journals like this one or similar stats/goals, please add me so we can help support each other:)
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Hip Pain [03 Feb 2005|02:38am]


Recently, I started doing stretches and jogging and lots of walking, and I've noticed
there is pain in my right hip.. It feels like muscle pain.. Could this just be that
I am not used to being this physical? It seems to hurt more when it is cold or when
it is rainy..........

Any suggestions ?

Peace & Blessings......

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[21 May 2004|07:40am]

[ mood | determined ]

Yesterday I fucked up. I ate a lot lot lot.
Today is brand new. I've been stuck at 136 Ibs. for far far far too long.
-First of all: Last night me and my mom went grocery shopping and I got turkey and chicken. I seriously cant remember the last time I had meat...So I plan to up my protein by lets say...5-10%.
- I also plan to fucking do that damn Pilates thing today! AFTER SCHOOL! I've just been doing too much of the same workout and need to add new things to get my metabolism starting again.
-Plan on upping my calorie intake by like 100-200. Im hoping that eating a LITTLE more should help.
Any suggestions?!
ALSO...On fitday.com it says grapes are A LOT of calories once you have like more then one cup...I eat grapes A LOT, is that bad? Or do you think I should just not put it on fitday?!

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[18 May 2004|07:35am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I did bad all this weekend, I ate things I shouldn't have.
Yesterday I made up for it by eating only about 800 calories and yesterday I also started softball. So now my workout includes two hours of softball on Mondays and Tuesdays and eventually playing games on Saturdays. I have been stuck at 136 Ibs. for far to long. My goal is 134 Ibs. by next Tuesday (last full day of school). I would also like to weigh that much because Id like to allow myself pizza or something at the cafeteria at lunch, Im not even sure if i could eat that but maybe ill get a little something that isn't so bad.
Can anyone recommend anything to do to get away from a plateau? A little extra excersise or new excersises?..I've done that.
How about pilates???! Has anyone ever tried that and how good are they!? My mom has a pilates tape and I need to check it out within the next few days.
Hope everyone is doing well!

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[12 May 2004|07:59am]

[ mood | creative ]

The Things I've Recently Changed In My Diet:
- Instead of burning 400 cals on the eliptical trainer after school I burn 200 in the morning (5:30am) and 200 at night (3:30pm). ALSO after school I now lift weights and do crunchers for about 20 minutes! (Im up to about 100 crunchers nonstop!)

-I Have "All Bran" Cereal which has such little calories compared to Special K which i was eating before, plus it keeps me fuller because it has so much fiber

- I Havn't weighed myself since Monday..I NORMALLY weigh myself everyday but Im only going to let myself weigh myself about two-three times a week now. Im going to weigh myself tommorow and im really anxious!

Also im off school on Friday and me and my mother are going to a state park here in Illinois and where planning on walking through the state park all day!! I'll easily burn 400 calories!
Good luck everybody!<33

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[09 May 2004|05:40pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

So today I have burned 500+ calories ( I have been on the eliptical trainer for 50 mins. and planning on going back on it for at least 30 minutes averaging out to 800 calories). What I have planned for the day is only 1255 calories. Is that not enough? I really think that im just not eating ENOUGH for how much i workout. Anyone suggestions or help would be very appreciated

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[04 May 2004|06:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Would it be healthy to go on a liquid fast for a day? Just to like change my routine around...I always heard that if you eat the same thing everyday it doesnt really help and Im the kind of person that would just eat the same thing everyday.
and im not just talking water Im talking like energy shakes full of vitamins.
I have an energy shake I make in the blender and one packet is 50% of your protein for the day.

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[04 May 2004|05:01pm]

Hi everybody!
I have been a "chubby" person for a while, I use to weigh 160 pds. and im down to 135 Ibs at the moment! Have been on a diet and eating right since about the beginning of February. I had many ED related issues and decided that was very stupid so i have decided to eat as right and as healthy as possible and i was so glad to find a community that was just WEIGHT LOSS and nothing about eating disorders.
Height: 5"4'
Highest weight: 160 Pds.
Lowest Weight(currently):135.5 pds.
Goal Weight:130 Pds by May 28th (last day of school!) and 120 Pds. by July 25th (my birthday!) and my ultimate goal is about 110 Ibs by the end of August.
Id love to make friends on here and share some healthy eating tips and whatnot because I have been stuck around 135 pds for a few weeks and I know its normal because my body has to get use to losing all that weight but im getting anxious about losing more!
Feel free to add me or talk to me anytime <3
Good luck everyone!
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[14 Apr 2004|07:47pm]
I really wanted to get opinions from other dieters... I've been dieting AND exercising for a month now. I went to being sedentary to exercising 6 days a week and I have STUCK WITH IT religiously for a month. I've only had two diet mishaps since I've started. I've been counting calories (1200 a day) and fat grams.


I'm so frustrated, almost to the point of crying over it, and I'm not one to cry. I'm just so tired of trying so hard and seeing NO RESULT.

I'm not about to give up, because I really want to lose the weight, but I was wondering if someone could take a look at my journal (this is my diet journal - thenewrachael) and see if there's something I could do to improve or maybe move things along a little faster.

It just seems that since I have SO much weight to lose that it would come off faster, but it's not. I'd be happy with 1-2 lbs a week, but I'm not even seeing that really.

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