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Hi everyone,

I'm new. I started college in the fall and have so far gained a wonderful "Freshman 10". Ironic thing is, I gained most of it at home during winter break. Haha. So I don't want to gain those extra 5 pounds and I've decided once and for all I will lose this weight! I've been chubby since elementary and I've now been overweight for about 2 years now. Here are my stats:

age: 18
heigt: 5'3
HW: 155
CW: 152
STG: 145
LTG: 110

I've been doing good so far but the thing I have problems with is consistency in my workouts. I get bored on machines so easily even with my iPod. It would help if I had a work out buddy...oh well. If anyone has similiar stats as me or wants to keep each other accountable I would love to add you!

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