______T (______t) wrote in healthy_support,

1st post

I just started this journal as a way to keep track of my fitness and weightloss goals and progress. I would LOVE having a bunch of friends with similar journals to help keep each other motivated and all that, so if you're interested let me know and add me:)

age: 19
height: 5'3
current weight:121 lbs
goal weight: 115 lbs
lowest weight: 111 lbs
highest weight: 124 lbs

I don't want to lose a huge amount of weight, but I want to look a lot better - like more muscle tone and definition, especially in my stomach and (inner) thighs. And it'd be cool to have toned arms too, lol

So if any of you have journals like this one or similar stats/goals, please add me so we can help support each other:)
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